Use Code "VERA2021" for a further 15% OFF from our FALL SALE! Ends Soon.
Use Code "VERA2021" for a further 15% OFF from our FALL SALE! Ends Soon.
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As you now know our best kept secret. What are our shipping times like? Estimated transit time from USA Warehouse is around 1-3 days!

Over the past few weeks we've had extremely high demand which means we have run out of stock of alot of items from our USA Warehouse. This means shipping can take between 2 - 4 weeks from Worldwide Warehouses. All orders are processed within 2 working days and you will receive a tracking number to track your order as soon as it has been processed.

As our aim is to bring you the best value for your products, our products are shipped directly from our partner factories from around the world. This provides you with a great range and savings.

International Shipping

We offer shipping internationally. See below the estimated shipping times to the following countries:

UK: 7-15 days
France: 7-15 days
Germany: 7-15 days 
Spain: 8-20 days
Italy: 8-20 days

Global Warehouses


COVID-19 Update

Due to COVID-19, our processing and shipping times have been affected. Please expect slight delays to some orders.